Welcome to my store page!

This is something I’ve needed to do for a long time. To be honest here, this is a one person gig. It’s just me making the games, marketing, art and websites. So once in a while the site may be down until I find time again to fix it. I also take online classes (for Unity/Gamedev) and work a day job at a major corporation to keep my bills paid. I love game making and at it’s current state, its a hobby and minor business. As I write this page, it is my PTO day and I could be out on my OneWheel XR practicing bonks and curb slides. Today’s weather is ideal for that.

The Games.

I have two games currently. The most current one is “Animal Friends Adventure”. This game sees Super Panda in a full 3D world and he has some friends to join on the adventure.

“The Incredible Adventures of Super Panda” is my first major game and has seen quite a lot of success. It’s a cute and fun 2D adventure game featuring Super Panda. When a publisher approached me to port it to the Nintendo Switch, I was absolutely amazed and excited.

Animal Friends Adventure

This is a project spanning over 4 years and countless revisions, updates and reprogramming. It’s my first ID@XBOX (Independent Developers) game and officially endorsed by Microsoft. I was disappointed with myself (OCD) after the initial release and spent 2 more years revising the game, fixing bugs and making a much better UI/UX. The update is now out on Steam and XBOX. This is my daughter’s favorite game. My 4 year old son loves Farm Simulator 2019. He buys the pickup truck and goes around town hitting signs to knock them over so he can collect them in the back of the truck. Yeah it’s weird.

Buy on the XBOX Store: $13.99

Buy on Steam: $13.99

The Incredible Adventures of Super Panda

This is a game with an incredibly long name. I originally named it “Super Panda”. But I did some searches, saw that name was taken and added too many more words. A few years later I realized there was another game (not by me of course) titled “The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing”. They never complained so I kept the name and adopted “Animal Friends Adventure” for my next title. Why am I telling you all this instead of trying to market the heck out of the game? I thought it was a funny little story.

What I do love most is this game is on Nintendo Switch. Ultimate Games in Poland ported it for me and I am forever grateful to them for that. This was a major learning game. My biggest personal achievement was I wrote the AI as a statemachine from scratch. I wanted characters to feel the world and wander without waypoints. Bust a block they are walking across and they will know and turn around. The slimes were a completely different challenge. The game is simple, yet just the AI makes it feel more alive. Also “SignPost” has become the famous passive aggressive antagonist. I personally love this game and from time to time will still play it. I made it for my daughter when she was just 1 year old and I swear her first word was “Panda”.

Buy on Steam: $6.99

Buy on Nintendo Switch. $6.99

Buy on XBOX Store: $6.99