Save our Forest!

The world of Super Panda is in great danger. New creatures have arrived and they bring with them a plague. Water has become green and toxic, the trees are dying.Home is being destroyed. The Mighty 8 are bringing destruction to the once peaceful home to Panda and his awesome Friends.

It’s up to you now to help Panda and Friends save their forest. Take a companion spirit animal along on the journey for additional benefits. 

Super Panda has returned for an all new and incredible Adventure. This time he brought friends. Join Super Panda and Friends on a wild and fun 3D side scrolling journey through forest, desert, caves, lava and more!

  • Go on rescue missions to save Companions who’ve been trapped in cages. 
  • Companion pets grant extra abilities, healing and bonus coins.
  • Incredible adventure with 8 playable characters. Each with their own attacks and abilities.
  • Different combat styles among the Friends.
  • Super easy controls. Left, right, jump and attack.
  • Various pets to find and have join you on your quest through the world.
  • 40 challenging levels through 9 worlds to explore.
  • Wide variety of monsters to fight! Square off against Forest Golems, pixies, Crazed Mushrooms, hornets, Mantis, giant lady bugs and many more!
  • 8 Boss battles of legendary proportion!
  • Epic adventure awaits!
  • No ads, no banners, no annoying disruptive video. This is pure gaming as it should be!

More information about the game.

You have 8 Playable characters to choose from, each with their own special attack.

  • Panda tosses an acorn that pops and will get really close monsters.
  • Deer throws a Love bomb that explodes into magical hearts.
  • Bear throws a giant angry weight that crushes enemies and blocks. It can open secret doors.
  • Gorilla throws giant boulders that break down iron barriers and crushes all opposition in his way.
  • Fox that clever man tosses a classic cartoon bomb that clears out small areas. Be careful it can hurt you too!
  • Lenny the Lemur, always crafty has a spiked ball that rolls on the ground and hurts the monsters feet.
  • Rabbit, our favorite little critter. Always thinking. He has a spiked spinning top than he throws and it zips across the ground wreaking comical havoc among the forest dwellers.
  • Last but not least, out favorite of all, Bad Panda! His attack is special to say the least, he throws a fart bomb. I little f-bomb that hilariously explodes into poo farting it’s way through the monsters and making you laugh so hard that hopefully you are not on a busy train playing.


Choose from 8 Companion Pets. Each has a unique personality and comical sayings. They’re a fun addition to Panda’s world.

Level up your pets with fruits: Pineapple, banana, watermelon, strawberry and other delicious treats to gain even more abilities and powers.

They all have special little abilities to help and can be used to search for free spins on Lemur’s Lucky Spin.

  • The Imp burns all in your path for that special time of need.
  • Bunkins and his magnetic personality helps collect coins and other hard to reach items.
  • Moony keeps you alive by offering up some health in times of need.
  • Pumpky all plump with gold increases the level ending rewards for extra riches.
  • Rockster is a treasure hunter and increases the chances of a successful treasure hunt.
  • Shroomy helps see value in things and grants level end rewards.
  • Teddy is a huge bonus to have with you at the end of each level. Take him along for the adventure if he’s not sleeping.
  • Cloudy is full of life and will spare some if you’re in need.