Sorry for the lack of updates on the main website. I’ve been busy bug smashing and achievement tuning. I took time off on Saturday to celebrate Chinese New Year with my Asian friends. I respect all cultures.

I found the major crash bug with World 2, level 1. I’ll need some more testing, but I believe it’s resolved. I went through and redid several monsters because they too caused a crash. Wintah Beer on 2-1 didn’t even produce a dump. Just straight quit the game. This was a major pain.

I also think I fixed those annoying spiders! yeah finally, they’ve been a bane forever. For some reason their colliders never registered a hit. I believe it was due to a remnant “Rigid Body” buried in the character tree that didn’t register it as a proper hit. I removed this and could in fact melee the crap out of the spiders.

Achievements have been greatly tuned to be, well, more achievable.

I’ve also made an initial performance pass on the game. There’s some tweaks that need to be incorporated into the build. It shouldn’t take long as the optimizer is extremely easy to use. Finally a Unity tool that’s easy :-p

Anyway. After some testing and I’m satisfied that the blocking bugs are fixed, I’ll push to Microsoft for Certification and release.