Animal Friends Adventure has been officially certified for release on the XBOX One platform! This is a huge deal for this 1 manĀ  game studio. That’s right. I’m a solo act. It explains the long span of time between updates. Animal Friends Adventure went presale December 24th (dedicated to my ex wife’s birthday) and official release date is Jan 7th.

It was a huge push to get get certified. 6 rounds of rejection, bug fixes and more fixes. As I played through and tested levels, many also went through a redesign. I wanted a more platformy feel. Cheesy things were removed and replaced with more interaction and fun.

I would like to address the shovel. I’m honestly not trying to copy “Shovel Knight”. Serious, never even played that game. It was the only asset I could find for a Melee weapon and it just stuck due to time constraints. I want to use a bamboo stick as I did for “Super Panda”. But I am a terrible 3D modeler. Hopefully the release brings in money to hire professional modelers and a better programmer. The character controller code is a mess and could use a good rewrite.

I do plan on updates and enhancements.

This requires decent sales numbers though. So don’t wait for the game to get better before buying. We’ll be stuck in a waiting loop. I only really need about 15,000 to 100,000 sales to really start enhancing the game. In the gaming world that would be considered a flop. But in terms of what I’m doing, it’s adequate without worrying about things.

It’s a lot of risk and hard work to get here. Quitting the day job, living off severance and cashing out my entire 401k plan. Living 5am till 11pm every day in my basement office. Focusing everything on making this game. I did it because I wanted to change in life direction and a challenge. Making Animal Friends did help me get my new day job in an AI lab. I can never say it was a waste of time, because It got me a dream job.

Anyway. Sorry for the tangent. It’s been so long since I wrote any updates. I just wanted to shed some light on the process it took to get here.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing about how you enjoy Animal Friends and what features you’d like added. Yes, I do have a real story in mind. (Time and financial constraints again). The various box and cover art hint towards a future story.