As the final hour approaches to submit the “gold disk” to the publisher, there is still a lot to do. Right now, today, what is being released is the complete Core of the game. All the basic functionality, AI and monsters. It’s a fun, playable game that is very accessible to everyone. But that is not the end of the game, pun intended.

I’m a single person developer. So my time is scattered over 100 jobs each day. From marketing to development to game and level design and so much more. I could work on the game over the next 5 years and never be done. The hard choice is when to release and in what state. I strongly feel 7 playable characters, pets, a currency system, 33 levels and 7 boss fights is good enough for now. I have a few more Playable characters and a lot of extra, almost done levels to add once I release live. But this is the core of the game. This is where it all begins.

What the Future Holds

Bottom line I need a piddly 10,000 units sold after theĀ  official XBOX One release. Being on the main store page, I’m hoping this is pretty achievable. I can hire in some people to design the outfits, fix the UI and rebuild the player controller and have some left over for marketing.

I have an idea person whose ideas I really liked. I met with her a few days ago and really wish I had the money to hire her in. Her art is amazing and she would be an inspiration to the game. I’m planning on outfits for the characters later and her ideas matched the Animal Friends Concept. It’s Cute and fluffy on the surface. But there’s also this badass edge sprinkled with a dark plot.

With a team I can really have the game expanded and push updates much faster than what solo me is capable. I’m not complaining, this is an adventure and the start of something big.

I want actual story, real quests and random spawned collectible items, meaning some sort of inventory system.

But I also want to add in what you want to see out of the game. It’s really you who are playing and enjoying this game. I’ve already played it 1000 hours and counting.

So Today

I’m packaging it all up and shipping the “final” version to my publisher for review and hopefully certification.

I can’t even express in words how happy I am for this day. It’s been 3 months longer than expected and hopefully that extra effort was worth it in the end.

Thank you to those following today.

Thank you for the people who stumble on this in the future after discovering this little gem of a game.