Hello fellow and valued Gamers!

The past month has been extraordinarily busy for me. Testing, tuning and fixing Animal Friends Adventure. I also accepted a job offer at a major bank to help build out their AI lab. It’s just a safety net in the event I never succeed as a game dev. But I will at least keep trying. Animal Friends has a real publisher and I’m working these builds up to the point I can submit it to the publisher for review and certification. From there we’ll see the path Animal Friends Adventure will take. I have so many more projects I want to work on. If I can sell 10,000 to 100,000 copies of the game, that will be a personal success.

List of major fixes

  • Major playability pass World 1 through 7. Almost done with World 8. Just trying to unlock 8-4 but I missed some stars because I suck.
  • Personal light in overly dark areas like “Creepy caverns” now works as intended. It lights objects and casts frightening shadows.
  • Reworked several of the “skipping over water like a stone” sections to be more engaging and fun. I am honestly sick of that mechanic and am slowly removing it. (It seemed like a good idea at the time).
  • Removed excess creatures. With the new combat system, they became seriously problematic.
  • Tuned damage of all the player characters. Ape and Bear obviously do the most damage.
  • Explosion radius of barrels slightly increased.
  • Thrown weapons also do various damage amounts. Again, Bear and Ape.. They can break the metal bricks…
  • Double jump has been mostly fixed. Sometimes you can still pull 3 or 4 jumps. That is not how things should work.
  • Fixing Double jump also made midair weapon attacks tricky. They’re cuddly animals not Ninjas, so there’s that :-p
  • Water damage types is tuned. Green is highly toxic and kills no matter how much life. The more clear water is only 1 damage. Lava, well we all know what lava should do.
  • Water looks a lot better now.
  • Fixed falling through world in many areas.
  • Added crushing to the falling blocks.
  • Added a nasty spike trap.
  • Fixed animations and weapons on several monsters. (I left gravity on the treent club and it fell out of his hands, oops)
  • Disabled timed levels. It was a silly feature that just didn’t get implemented as well as I’d like.
  • All the boss fights are relatively fixed now. (they’re all beatable)
  • The desert has falling blocks now. More to come.

Side Note on Game Mechanics.

  • Levels are unlocked by number of starts collected, NOT on passing the previous levels. I rebalanced it to be a 2, 2, 3, 2, 2…. type of pattern. Even after this, I have one more star to collect to unlock 8-4.
  • The shovel is supposed to vanish after use.
  • Most melee monsters will not cause bump damage. This was intended to make melee more engaging and less frustrating.
  • Monsters the resurrect come back with 1 less HP. So a monster with 3 life will resurrect with 2…
  • The carnivorous plants are pretty fun. While their AI is pretty simplistic, they manage to kill me a lot. I might slow down their reaction time a bit more. It’s currently 0.3ms. perhaps 0.6ms will do the trick.
  • I have a list of features I want to add. It’s important that the CORE game is stable and playable. This is where we are at now. Almost there.


This got a little bigger than a simple “Patch Notes”. I just want you to know how the game is progressing, where it’s going and what’s going on. As a solo Indie Dev I have very limited resources, time being the most important. What’s important now is getting the game as perfect as it can be for the Publisher to let it loose on their customer base. This is the CORE game, the heart and soul of it all. After which I can add new levels, new weapons and open an in-game store (coins and gems earned in-game).

  • I’m taking an episodic approach to the game if it does well in the publisher’s store. This is tricky though. So first step is to add to the main game (free updates). Then i’ll add episodic story content in the form of new worlds and story arc. If you pay close attention to the game art outside the game, like the featured image, box art and other… You will see there’s a love triangle going on.
  • Storyline! Seriously this is a need and a want. The game is a bit empty. But story takes a lot of time to write and implement. Now that the CORE is complete, this can start becoming more of a priority.
  • Dialog and actual quests. Again the game is supposed to stay casual and simple. So nothing overly complex.
  • Actual cutscenes and voice acting. This one is tricky. I’ll need 100k copies sold before I can even consider this. It’ll require an animator and some voice actors, which cost money.
  • New weapons.
  • Weapon and monster damage types and resistances. Like a very simplistic RPG.
  • Some more advanced and engaging physics puzzles. I love puzzles.
  • Expansion of the current levels to open more areas and add a bit more “exploration” instead of a very linear progression.
  • More traps. I added one nasty trap into the later levels of the game and will do more things like that soon.
  • While this looks like a “kids game” it’s sort of scary and adult at times. I need to balance this out a little better.

Known Issues

  • SPIDERS! I hate these things. Unity is so strange with colliders. I did a frame by frame view and the shovel does hit them. But sometimes they ignore the shovel and continue being creepy. I may have to switch weapon damage to raycast. But I like the fun of whacking boxes and barrels. I could do an add force, but physics is way more fun. So many choices.
  • Boss battles are annoying. Except that one dude, he’s scary and fun.
  • The shovel, it’s a silly weapon. I’m adding more.
  • The shovel again, it sometimes wanders from your hand. It’s a mildly annoying bug.
  • It’s intended to be able to throw and swing midair. The animation system is fighting me on this.
  • Sometimes creatures that resurrect won’t.
  • Sometimes Creatures will register two hits despite that they were hit once.
  • Some creatures will die while their “damage flash” is going on. They shouldn’t.
  • Player controller needs a complete rewrite.
  • In some weird instances Panda and characters will “Float” after resurrection. It also happens after hitting some monsters. I have theories, like maybe an alien mothership is trying to kidnap them.
  • I took out some blocks in the Desert level and forgot to fix the hanging vines and foliage.
  • Me.