It’s no secret I’m a single Dev Indie Game developer. I do this for the love of creation. To not just build the puzzle, but to build each piece of the puzzle until it’s all complete.

But 24 hours in a single day is just not enough. I’m a bit exhausted at the time of this writing, but I love doing this. The flexibility to wake up at 2am, work out some code and problems. To go back to bed at 3:30am only to wake up at 6 to work the full day. I must be crazy, because I just love doing this.

I don’t have a huge marketing budget, so the games made are doing just “ok” in the stores. By no means anywhere near a livable income. I must make $1 a day if I’m lucky. Yet here I am, still pounding out fixes and making my games better. Why is that? It’s part insanity, and a whole lotta love. Ever since I played the original Space Quest, I wanted to be a game developer. Survival and life took over those dreams for a while. But I finally got back on track.

What does any of this have to do with Animal Friends Adventure?

It’s just painting a picture on the life of an indie game developer. I spent most of this month polishing up the game for the publisher. Tweaking things, fixing bugs and making things look prettier. Just today, I added the ability for NPC’s to chase the player. Granted this is extremely basic, it’s a little more fun when creatures actually know you are there. The bees and the bats are a good example of this. They may move slow, but they’ve killed me more times than I’d like to admit.

I went through each level of the game, maybe 10-20 times each and adjusted things in the game. Problem spots were fixed and monster behaviors adjusted. Now they can go up and down steep slopes without hesitation. Before, they couldn’t because they were too smart. They detected an obstacle in their path and moved out of the way. They can’t jump yet, but that may be a coming feature. Animations, hit boxes and other items were also improved on the monsters to make them more alive in the world. Spiders still suck.

I’ve fixed up most all of the rendering issues too. No more giant black box blocking the view. Game performance has been dramatically improved since I stopped using the Resources folder in Unity. It’s an old “feature” they support, but adviseĀ  to never use.

I’m off to push some updates to Steam and Windows Store. Official XBOX release is just around the corner.