As I grow closer to certifying Animal Friends Adventure for an Official XBOX One release, I am trying to trickle out all the updates I’ve made to the Creators and Steam versions. Eventually Creators Edition will go away, but all purchases will automatically get the newer version.

The Fixes

  • Initial Game loading significantly increased.
  • New Players will no longer have all characters magically unlocked.
  • Final Boss fight is fixed again.
  • Treasure Goblins are more stabby
  • Fixed potential crash caused by post processing stack. turning off some visual effects make game faster too.
  • Pets: lots of fixes. This really got a decent looking into and a framework updated to expand pets. Rockster needs a new talent. Currently he’s borrowing Impy’s. Give us ideas. I’d like to make them chatty.
  • The Seas turtles were absolutely annoying. Fixed them to be less annoying.
  • The Scorpion had a wrong animation playing on first death. Also for creatures that resurrect, colliders are left on. This is a temporary work around for weird behaviors.
  • Initial rewrite of the player is happening. Fixed the jumping mechanic and other annoyances. Planning on adding more variety to the player’s abilities.
  • No crashes through world 4 confirmed. More updates later.
  • Adjusting the AI. they get less confused on slopes.
  • The Golems will no longer ponder the meaning of life at edges.
  • Adjusted a lot of annoying things with The desert levels. One pushable springboard was too heavy. Made it lose weight.
  • The mystery block in the desert was removed.
  • In the desert, level 4, There was a switch to open a door. But it’s dark in that room and it was behind a bush. I had the gardener remove the bush and added a light to brighten your day.

What’s Coming

HDR on XBOX One X is fixed.

I’m going through each level and doing housekeeping where needed. Fixing broken stuff and adjusting annoying aspects down a bit.

Currently thorough test and tune is complete through world 3 (The Desert). There was a lot of annoying things to fix.

Crashes are being addressed.

Game breaking features are also being fixed.

There’s a lot of new levels to add once the main game is stable.

So we’re not done yet. The game will grow.