Animal Friends Adventure goes Gold!

*record scratch sound* “Wait what?!? I thought it was already published?” You’re probably saying. It’s true. We were self published and now, after many updates, we’ve gone gold for our official publisher.

Underwater has it’s own effects.

For our first official publishing deal we wanted the game to be something special. Worthy of being on a Console. Graphics got a massive overhaul bringing the game install size from a small 756 megs to 6 gigs in size! We made use of Speedtree and a plethora of other AAA graphics assets used by major publishers.

I love big, bold horizons and skies.

We used a Post Processing system (Ambient Skies) by Procedural worlds. Caves are dark and scary. Outdoor mountain scenes are bright. Forests are lush and green. It really enhanced the overall look of the game.

In addition to the Post processing, the lighting of each scene was given a detailed adjustment. Light coloring matches the theme of the world and scene. Toxic marshes look toxic and green. The world just comes alive and feels real. As real as you can get with cartoon animals running through it of course.

Characters have their own personal lighting for dark places.

We’re extremely excited to finally be able to bring this game to console at an official capacity. We’ll continue to support the game and add in improvements as time affords us.

A huge thank you to everyone who’s been with the project since the beginning.