Ever since It’s release, we’ve been working Extra hard to make Animal Friends Adventure even better. Here’s some screenshots from the Unity3D Editor on the new updates.

Most textures have been updated to 2K size (a huge improvement). Many textures were sourced from Gametextures website and are full PBR now.
Water and Ice effects are now from NatureManufacture and as you can see from the screenshots looks incredible. Many trees are a mix from various SpeedTree packs as well as NatureManufacture. This gave the best flexibility to level design and snow effects on trees. From bare trees, to snow covered evergreens.

Even the lava flow levels should show remarkable improvements. We haven’t gotten to them just yet, but almost there.

AI has been greatly improved. Our custom AI from Super Panda Adventures was ported over and, well no more stupid monsters continuing to run even after hitting walls. They’re aware of their surroundings and you. Some now shoot at you. Now that this major issue is resolved we can now add in many more monsters and a greater variety. Later updates, they will even melee attack you.