I absolutely enjoy making video games. It may be a long, hard road, days without seeing the sun or even knowing what day it is, but it’s a labor of love. It’s an addiction I just can’t stop. Since the release of “Animal FriendAdventures” I’ve been frantically fixing bugs and making strides on improving the game. At the same time, also pushing the release for “The Incredible Adventures of Super Panda”.

4 years ago (wow it’s been that long!) I started on Mobile. Mobile was easy, upload a few screenshots, write a description, make the game free and spam players with banner ads and full screen video then charge them for the game to make it all go away. But that’s not gaming. It’s a disaster and a horrible insult to the customer. So I quit mobile and decided to go straight to PC and Consoles.

Since our first Steam release, things have been going great. We are now also on the Microsoft store! That’s incredible. If you asked me if i’d ever be on console, i’d Scoff at how crazy that sounded. What was once thought impossible for an Indie Developer is now a reality. This labor of love is turning into something fruitful. I may be able to be self sufficient and make my rent payments on time for once 🙂

If things work out well, I mean really well, Steam City Chaos will be my next release. A Steam Punk world of mad scientists, zombies and killer mechanizations. But first things first. Let’s have a huge and successful release first!