tl;dr Animal Friends Adventure has been approved for Steam Sale. After weeks of struggle the UWP build also succeeded on the same day. This opens the door to publish on Consoles. My dream is finally starting to come true. Read on for the full story.

The Full story

It was like I was in a dream. The last few weeks I was glued to my desk working on the web presence, marketing materials, Gamepad interface and everything else related to getting “Animal Friends Adventure” released on Steam. While waiting on approval I was also struggling to get a successful Windows UWP and Xbox build. This proved to be the biggest challenge.

After a week of failure, reinstalling SDK, Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 I gave up and wiped out my entire dev system. A system that also is my main home PC because I only have one computer. Reinstalled Windows 10, Visual studio 2015 then hit install for Visual Studio 2017. Went out to the Gym with a friend and grabbed some beer after. My mind was a mess and full of fatigue from 15 hours daily at the desk for months. The past 2 weeks felt like years. I lost concept of time and space.

Illustration of me being frazzled at the desk. Except I have a real coffee mug. No paper cups!

I get home, Visual Studio 2017 had some install failure. The logs say Java SDK. No big deal, Unity exported everything as C++. So I open Unity 2018.3, run the UWP build and then build it into Visual Studio. Success!

Weeks of struggle, shutting out Facebook, Social media and friends finally over with! Exhausted, I go to bed. It’s also just past midnight and I’ve been at this since 6am.

Time to Rebuild the Home Computer

This morning, I wipe out the build and push one more clean build out of Unity. I had to remove the Steam DLL file. Not a huge issue. Built again and another UWP success. Things were finally looking bright for once.

Email! I haven’t checked it yet! So I install Office 365, configure outlook and the emails all start popping through. A congratulations from the Lottery commission on a win… A red Exclamation from Steam! It arrived just after I went to bed.

They reported “No Blocking issues“. I was in a daze. It all “happened so fast”. First the successful UWP build, now my game is soon to be released on my absolute favorite distribution platform. I don’t deserve this good fortune, despite working on this goal for years now. But here it came my way.

Note: I won $2 on the lottery ticket, ha! 🙂

Now that Steam is out of the way, all the work I put forth on that game means it is also Console ready. Microsoft Store and Xbox one/360 are next on the release list. I’m submitting everything today.