As of this writing, Animal Friends Adventure’s Steam Store Page has been approved. The game has been uploaded and pending approval. The first build was rejected due to controller issues since resolved. The game is now fully Gamepad compatible so you can play it your way. Mouse and Keyboard, or sitting on a comfy couch.

I added in Steam Achievements and completely reworked all of the GUI elements. There’s 20 different panels and game screens to deal with. So the task was pretty challenging. My custom script to detect a specific controller button was great, but when a window with the same button came up, both scripts would push their button. NGUI has a UIKeyNavigation script that sets the UI camera to hover over the selected object. But this required a complete reworking on how NGUI took user input. It had to be wired into Rewired. Then all the problems went away.

This fix is not without some issues though. The coin, points and other effects required the UI camera to have a focus event in order to work. The Gamepad does not allow this, so the coins simply vanish when collected. I’ll be working out this issue because it is quite bothering.

So if all goes well we’ll be published in a few weeks!