Help Save Panda’s Forest!

You can help Panda save his forest now by going here Steamgames, or here Microsoft Store, and getting the game. Panda’s forest is being invaded by the Mighty 8 and they’re bringing a Rotting Plague to the Forest. It’s urgent that you help them now. Only you can Save the forest and clean the toxic lakes!


Welcome to the home of Super Panda and all his crazy adventure games! We’re super proud to have just launched and release this amazing game series. A growing series of side scrolling games that has been proven to captivate and entertain people of all ages. Massive replay-ability ensures that the small investment will pay for itself in peace and quiet for a long time to come.

Animal Friends Adventure is an old school Side Scrolling Adventure game available on Steamgames, and Microsoft Store,


The Incredible Adventures of Super Panda is a 2d side scrolling platformer available now on the Steam Store and Microsoft Stores!